4.8 GHz Intra-Day Variability of FSRQ 0507+179 [HEAP]


As one of targets of many flux monitoring campaigns, the FSRQ 0507+179 shows various flux variation properties at almost all observing wavelengths, from radio to $\gamma$-ray. With Urumqi 25-m telescope, our study on this object is focusing on its radio flux variability, especially the Intra-Day Variability (IDV). We carried out a total of six epochs of IDV observations on 0507+179 at 4.8 GHz since Mar. 2010, found clearly IDV behaviors in all observing sessions and consider it is likely a type I IDV source by analyzing the characteristics and the timescales of the light curves. Additionally, we found 0507+179 exhibited some different IDV behaviors after an optical flare.

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L. Cui, J. Liu and X. Liu
Fri, 12 Dec 14

Comments: 4 pages, 2 figures