High-resolution spectrograph for telescopes of moderate diameter [IMA]


A base model of the high-resolution fiber-fed spectrograph is developed. In combination with the SAO 1-meter telescope the spectrograph has the following parameters: spectral resolution R=45000, the number of simultaneous registered orders is 86 within spectral region 3850$\div$10850 \AA{}, echelle orders are overlapping for $\lambda <9000$ \AA{}.

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V. Panchuk, M. Yushkin, V. Klochkova, et. al.
Thu, 11 Dec 14

Comments: 4 pages, 4 figures, Proceedings of International Conference “Physics and Evolution of Magnetic and Related Stars”, Nizhnij Arkhyz, August 26-31, 2014. Eds: Yu.Yu. Balega, D.O. Kudryavtsev, I.I. Romanyuk