Inflation and Dark Energy with a Single Superfield [CL]

We discuss the possibility to construct supergravity models with a single superfield describing inflation as well as the tiny cosmological constant $V \sim 10^{{-120}}$. One could expect that the simplest way to do it is to study models with a supersymmetric Minkowski vacuum and then slightly uplift them. However, due to the recently proven no-go theorem, such a tiny uplifting cannot be achieved by a small modification of the parameters of the theory. We illustrate this general result by investigation of models with a single chiral superfield recently proposed by Ketov and Terada. We show that the addition of a small constant or a linear term to the superpotential of a model with a stable supersymmetric Minkowski vacuum converts it to an AdS vacuum, which results in a rapid cosmological collapse. One can avoid this problem and uplift a supersymmetric Minkowski vacuum to a dS vacuum with $V_{0}\sim 10^{-120}$ without violating the no-go theorem by making these extra terms large enough. However, we show that this leads to a strong supersymmetry breaking in the uplifted vacua.

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A. Linde, D. Roest and M. Scalisi
Wed, 10 Dec 14

Comments: 14 pages, 7 figures