Compact statis stars with polytropic equation of state in minimal dilatonic gravity [CL]

We present solution of the equations for relativistic static spherically symmetric stars (SSSS) in the model of minimal dilatonic gravity (MDG) using the polytropic equation of state. A polytropic equation of state that has a good fitting with the realistic one is used. Results are obtained for all variables of a single neutron star in the model of MDG. The maximum mass about two solar masses is in accordance with the latest observations of pulsars. Several new effects are observed for the variables related with the dilaton $\Phi$ and the cosmological constant $\Lambda$. The mass-radius relation is also obtained. Special attention is paid to the behavior of the quantities which describe the effects analogous to that of dark energy and dark matter in MDG. The results of present paper confirm the conclusion that the dilaton $\Phi$ is able to play simultaneously the role of dark energy and dark matter.

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P. Fiziev and K. Marinov
Wed, 10 Dec 14

Comments: 9 pages, 10 figures, TeX file