Constraints on cosmic ray electrons and diffuse gamma rays with AMS-02 and HESS data [HEAP]

Lately, AMS-02 and HAWC have reported their observations of cosmic rays(CRs), which promote the further exploration of CR origins. We choose some experimental data of CRs to focus the origins of CR electrons and estimate the spectrum of CR electrons. Based on the conventional diffusion model of CRs, we perform a global analysis on the spectrum feature of CR electrons with the data of AMS-02, HESS and Milagro. The results verify that the spectrum of CR electrons has the apparent structure beyond a simple power law. The difference between the power indices above and below the reference rigidity is greater than 0.2, which is near the momentum loss rate of CR electrons. The data of HESS electrons matches the TeV extension of AMS-02 electrons and the relevant spectrum of CR electrons does not have TeV breaks. By use of the difference between the CR electrons and primary electrons constrained by AMS-02 and HESS, the TeV bounds of positron excess are predicted. In the bounds, the flux relevant to the up-limit is beyond the AMS-02 positrons. The difference between them implies the components of primary electrons beyond a simple power law. We also perform an analysis on the identification of Galactic diffuse gamma rays. The results show that at the beginning of 5 TeV, the flux of inverse Compton scattering(IC) component of diffuse gamma rays are greater than the $\pi^0$-decay. The differences between the TeV fluxes of CR electrons and diffuse gamma rays are also analyzed. The results show that the 20 TeV flux of diffuse gamma rays is less than CR electrons.

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D. Chen, J. Huang and H. Jin
Tue, 9 Dec 14

Comments: 22 pages, 14 figures and 4 tables, submitted to APJ