Konus-Wind and Helicon-Coronas-F Observations of Solar Flares [SSA]


Results of solar flare observations obtained in the Konus-Wind experiment from November, 1994 to December, 2013 and in the Helicon Coronas-F experiment during its operation from 2001 to 2005, are presented. For the periods indicated Konus-Wind detected in the trigger mode 834 solar flares, and Helicon-Coronas-F detected more than 300 solar flares.
A description of the instruments and data processing techniques are given. As an example, the analysis of the spectral evolution of the flares SOL2012-11-08T02:19 (M 1.7) and SOL2002-03-10T01:34 (C5.1) is made with the Konus-Wind data and the flare SOL2003-10-26T06:11 (X1.2) is analyzed in the 2.223 MeV deuterium line with the Helicon-Coronas-F data.

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V. Palshin, Y. Charikov, R. Aptekar, et. al.
Mon, 8 Dec 14

Comments: Published version. A list of the Konus-Wind solar flare triggers and figures of their time profiles are available at this http URL