Kinematic effects of the velocity fluctuations for dark halos population in LCDM model [CEA]

There are many evidences that too many dark halos are predicted in $\Lambda$CDM cosmological model comparing to observations. The excess is seen with the galaxies in voids and with estimation of the virialized mass inside the Local Super-cluster and its surroundings. It is shown that with the use of cosmological velocity fluctuations it is possible to eliminate this contradiction staying in the $\Lambda$CDM cosmology. Based on formalism of Press and Schechter a model of dark halo population formation is developed with the kinematic effects in the dark matter are taken into account. With this model a quantitative explanation is obtained for the deficit of the virialized mass in the local Universe.

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E. Kurbatov
Mon, 8 Dec 14

Comments: 7 figures; to be appeared in Astronomy Reports (2015)