Jet bending and velocity profiles [HEAP]

In this study, we consider the problem of geometry of curved jets. We work with a simplified two-dimensional kinematical model assuming that the jet velocity is varying. We prescribe the velocity variation and study two cases concerning parsec and kilo-parsec scale jets by applying some simplified numerical simulations. For parsec scale jets, we use some general expressions and derive the shape of jets for certain numerical cases. For kilo-parsec scale jets, we study the cases of 4C53.37 and 1159+583 of Abell 2220 and Abell 1446 galaxy clusters, respectively, in an effort to test our model and compare our numerical results with observational data.

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I. Liodakis, V. Geroyannis and V. Karageorgopoulos
Mon, 8 Dec 14

Comments: 11 pages, 7 figures