Casimir, Gravitational and Neutron Tests of Dark Energy [CL]

We investigate laboratory tests of dark energy theories which modify gravity in a way generalising the inverse power law chameleon models. We make use of the tomographic description of such theories which captures $f(R)$ models in the large curvature limit, the dilaton and the symmetron. We consider their effects in various experiments where the presence of a new scalar interaction may be uncovered. More precisely, we focus on the Casimir, Eot-wash and neutron experiments. We show that dilatons, symmetrons and generalised chameleon models are efficiently testable in the laboratory. For generalised chameleons, we revise their status in the light of forthcoming Casimir experiments like CANNEX in Amsterdam and show that they are within reach of detection.

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P. Brax and A. Davis
Mon, 8 Dec 14

Comments: 30 pages, 5 figures