Higgs Chaotic Inflation and the Primordial B-mode Polarization Discovered by BICEP2 [CL]


We show that the standard model Higgs field can realize the quadratic chaotic inflation, if the kinetic term is significantly modified at large field values. This is a simple realization of the so-called running kinetic inflation. The predicted values of the spectral index and the tensor-to-scalar ratio are $n_s \simeq 0.96$ and $r \simeq 0.16$, which nicely explain the primordial B-mode polarization, $r=0.20^{+0.07}_{-0.05}$, recently discovered by the BICEP2 experiment. The reheating temperature is expected to be so high that successful thermal leptogenesis is possible. The suppressed quartic coupling of the Higgs field at high energy scales may be related to the Higgs chaotic inflation.

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K. Nakayama and F. Takahashi
Tue, 18 Mar 14