CMB lensing reconstruction using cut sky polarization maps and pure-$B$ modes [CL]

Detailed measurements of the CMB lensing signal are an important scientific goal of ongoing ground-based CMB polarization experiments, which are mapping the CMB at high resolution over small patches of the sky. In this work we simulate CMB polarization lensing reconstruction for the $EE$ and $EB$ quadratic estimators with current-generation noise levels and resolution, and show that without boundary effects the known and expected zeroth and first order $N^{(0)}$ and $N^{(1)}$ biases provide an adequate model for non-signal contributions to the lensing power spectrum estimators. Small sky areas present a number of additional challenges for polarization lensing reconstruction, including leakage of $E$ modes into $B$ modes. We show how simple windowed estimators using filtered pure-$B$ modes can greatly reduce the mask-induced mean-field lensing signal and reduce variance in the estimators. This provides a simple method (used with recent observations) that gives an alternative to more optimal but expensive inverse-variance filtering.

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R. Pearson, B. Sherwin and A. Lewis
Tue, 18 Mar 14