A new catalog of HI supershell candidates in the outer part of the Galaxy [CL]


The main goal of this work is to a have a new neutral hydrogen HI supershell candidates catalog to analyze their spatial distribution in the Galaxy and to carry out a statistical study of their main properties.}{This catalog was carried out making use of the Leiden-Argentine-Bonn (LAB) survey. The supershell candidates were identified using a combination of two techniques: a visual inspection plus an automatic searching algorithm. Our automatic algorithm is able to detect both closed and open structures. A total of 566 supershell candidates were identified. Most of them (347) are located in the second Galactic quadrant, while 219 were found in the third one. About $98 \, \%$ of a subset of 190 structures (used to derive the statistical properties of the supershell candidates) are elliptical with a mean weighted eccentricity of $0.8 \pm 0.1$, and $\sim 70 \,\%$ have their major axes parallel to the Galactic plane. The weighted mean value of the effective radius of the structures is $\sim$ 160 pc. Owing to the ability of our automatic algorithm to detect open structures, we have also identified some “galactic chimney” candidates. We find an asymmetry between the second and third Galactic quadrants in the sense that in the second one we detect structures as far as 32 kpc, while for the 3rd one the farthest structure is detected at 17 kpc. The supershell surface density in the solar neighborhood is $\sim$ 8 kpc$^{-2}$, and decreases as we move farther away form the Galactic center. We have also compared our catalog with those by other authors.

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L. Suad, C. Caiafa, E. Arnal, et. al.
Tue, 18 Mar 14