[Fe II] emissions associated with the young interacting binary UY Aurige [SSA]


We present high resolution 1.06 — 1.28 micron spectra toward the interacting binary UY Aur obtained with GEMINI/NIFS and the AO system Altair. We have detected [FeII] $\lambda$~1.257 micron and [He I] $\lambda$~1.083 micron lines from both UY Aur A (the primary source) and UY Aur B (the secondary). In [Fe II] UY Aur A drives fast and widely opening outflows with an opening angle of ~ 90 degree along a position angle of ~40 degree, while UY Aur B is associated with a redshifted knot. The blueshifted and redshifted emissions show complicated structure between the primary and secondary.
The radial velocities of the [Fe II] emission features are similar for UY Aur A and B: ~ -100 km/s for the blueshifted emission and ~ +130 km/s for the red-shifted component. The [He I] line profile observed toward UY Aur A comprises a central emission feature with deep absorptions at both blueshifted and redshifted velocities. These absorption features may be explained by stellar wind models. The [He I] line profile of UY Aur B shows only an emission feature.

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T. Pyo, M. Hayashi, T. Beck, et. al.
Mon, 17 Mar 14