Discovery of a cold stellar stream in the ATLAS DR1 data [CL]

We report the discovery of a narrow stellar stream crossing the constellations of Sculptor and Fornax in the Southern celestial hemisphere. The portion of the stream detected in the Data Release 1 photometry of the ATLAS survey is at least 12 degrees long, while its width is $\approx$ 0.25 deg. The Color Magnitude Diagram of this halo sub-structure is consistent with a metal-poor [Fe/H] $\lesssim$-1.4 stellar population located at a heliocentric distance of 20 $\pm$ 5 kpc. There are three globular clusters that could tentatively be associated with the stream: NGC 7078, NGC 7006 (M15) and Pyxis.

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S. Koposov, M. Irwin, V. Belokurov, et. al.
Mon, 17 Mar 14