Coy Dark Matter and the anomalous magnetic moment [CL]

Coy Dark Matter removes the tension between the traditional WIMP paradigm of Dark Matter and the latest exclusion bounds from direct detection experiments. In this paper we present a leptophilic Coy Dark Matter model that, on top of explaining the spatially extended 1-5 GeV $\gamma$-ray excess detected at the Galactic Center, reconciles the measured anomalous magnetic moment of muon with the corresponding Standard Model prediction. The annihilation channel of DM is $\chi\chi \to \tau\bar\tau$ with the DM mass $m_\chi = 9.43\,(^{+.063}_{-0.52}\,{\rm stat.})\,(\pm 1.2 \,{\rm sys.})$ GeV given by best-fit of the $\gamma$-ray excess. Fitting the measured anomalous magnetic moment of the muon requires instead a pseudoscalar mediator with a minimal mass $m_a = 12^{+7}_{-3}$ GeV.

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A. Hektor and L. Marzola
Mon, 17 Mar 14