Upper critical field and absence of superconductivity in magnetars [SSA]


We study the upper critical field for quenching of the proton superconductivity in neutron stars, $H_{c2}$, within a Ginzburg-Landau theory which includes the entrainment between the proton and neutron condensates. We construct models of compact stars for a (realistic) nucleonic equations of state and deduce the volume occupied by the superconducting regions from microscopic calculations of proton pairing gaps in dense matter. We argue that magnetars with surface fields $B \ge 10^{15}$ G are either partially or completely non-superconducting, the precise outcome being dependent on the relation between the surface dipolar field and the field intensity at the crust-core boundary. We discuss the implications of the absence of superconductivity in magnetars on their cooling evolution and superfluid dynamics.

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M. Sinha and A. Sedrakian
Thu, 13 Mar 14