Ab Initio Description of p-Shell Hypernuclei [CL]


We present the first ab initio calculations for p-shell single-Lambda hypernuclei. For the solution of the many-baryon problem, we develop two variants of the no-core shell model with explicit Lambda and Sigma+, Sigma0, Sigma- hyperons including Lambda-Sigma conversion, optionally supplemented by a similarity renormalization group transformation to accelerate model-space convergence. In addition to state-of-the-art chiral two- and three-nucleon interactions, we use leading-order chiral hyperon-nucleon interactions and a recent meson-exchange hyperon-nucleon interaction. We validate the approach for s-shell hypernuclei and apply it to p-shell hypernuclei, in particular to Lambda-Li-7, Lambda-Be-9 and Lambda-C-13. We show that the chiral hyperon-nucleon interactions provide ground-state and excitation energies that agree with experiment within the cutoff dependence. At the same time we demonstrate that hypernuclear spectroscopy provides tight constraints on the hyperon-nucleon interactions and we discuss the impact of induced hyperon-nucleon-nucleon interactions.

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R. Wirth, D. Gazda, P. Navratil, et. al.
Thu, 13 Mar 14