New visual companions of solar-type stars within 25 pc

We report the discovery of faint common-proper-motion companions to the nearby southern solar-type stars HD43162, HD67199, HD114837, HD114853, HD129502, HD165185, HD197214, and HD212330 from near-infrared imaging and astrometry. We also confirm the previously identified tertiary components around HD165401 and HD188088. Since the majority of these stars were already known as binaries, they ascend now to higher-level systems. A particularly interesting case is the G6.5V BYDra-type variable HD43162, which harbors two common-proper-motion companions at distances of 410 AU and 2740 AU. Our limited study shows that the inventory of common-proper-motion companions around nearby bright stars is still not completely known.

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Date added: Fri, 11 Oct 13