Non-linear Redundancy Calibration

For radio interferometric arrays with a sufficient number of redundant spacings the multiplicity of measurements of the same sky visibility can be used to determine both the antenna gains as well as the true visibilities. Many of the earlier approaches to this problem focused on linearized versions of the relation between the measured and the true visibilities. Here we propose to use a standard non-linear minimization algorithm to solve for both the antenna gains as well as the true visibilities. We show through simulations done in the context of the ongoing upgrade to the Ooty Radio Telescope that the non-linear minimization algorithm is fast compared to the earlier approaches. Further, unlike the most straightforward linearized approach, which works with the logarithms of the visibilities and the gains, the non-linear minimization algorithm leads to unbiased solutions. Finally we present error estimates for the estimated gains and visibilities. Monte-Carlo simulations establish that the estimator is indeed statistically efficient, achieving the Cramer-Rao bound.

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Date added: Tue, 8 Oct 13